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What is Sickle Cell Disease?

Sickle Cell Disease is the most common genetic blood disorder in the US. It is a life-threatening blood disorder that affects the red blood cells, it causes strokes, jaundice, severe pain, organ damage, and other serious ailments.


We provide numerous services to families affected with sickle cell disease and those carrying sickle cell trait. . We provide education, outreach, awareness, support group meetings, assistance and numerous other services.

Pastor Marc Thomas, a true champion for families suffering from sickle cell disease, also suffered from this debilitating and chronic blood disease. Through his courageos efforts the Sickle Cell Association was created. 

Meet Marc Thomas

  • Camp Cell-A-Bration
  • Walk for Sickle Cell
  • Sickle Cell Trait Testing
  • Certified Hemoglobinapathy Education
  • Navigation Services

“The agency has provided my family with financial assistance and emotional assistance, and has been my second family over the last thirteen years.”Arielle D, Sickle Cell Client

“It gives me hope with the great support they give me when my son is sick in the hospital. They helped me get back on my feet when I lost my job and I had nobody to turn to for help, they were there for me and thanks to them I was able to pay my rent and my kids still have a home. I owe it all to the them." Melissa A., Sickle Cell Family (her son pictured below)

The Lives We Impact

June 6, 2015

Walk for Sickle Cell Austin! REGISTER HERE!


Volunteers Needed!

Camp Cell-A-Bration needs volunteers Aug. 9-14. Volunteer Here..

August 9-14, 2015

Camp Cell-A-Bration. Make a donation here

Toll-Free Helpline: 1 (844) 994-HOPE

“The Sickle Cell Association Marc Thomas Foundation has been a blessing to me. It has provided me with support during difficult times with my illness. I've met many other patients over the years through the agency that have became great friends. It's not just an agency, but a family." Letisha C., Sickle Cell Client


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