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                  Remembering the Legacy

Marc Thomas, Founder and CEO of the Sickle Cell Association of Austin- Marc
Thomas Foundation was born May 17, 1958 in Oakland, California. At the age
of 3, Marc was diagnosed with Sickle Cell Disease. It was during Marc's high
school days that he first met Linda and she became his beloved wife. Told by
doctors he could never marry or have a family, Marc was truly blessed with
three wonderful children; De'drienne, Marc II, and Alysian; he also has a
grandson, Jaelen. His family was his inspiration, motivation and his greatest

By profession Marc was a payroll and benefits manager for over 20 years.  He
was the founder of the Sickle Cell Association of Austin – Marc Thomas
Chapter and the pastor of Foundation of God Ministries in Austin, Texas.  Marc
noticed a desperate need in central Texas for advocacy for Sickle Cell
patients. Often persons with Sickle Cell Disease in Austin, had no liaison
between some doctors and themselves to explain the severity of the disease.
Sickle Cell Disease often carried stigmas with which some doctors were ill
informed and the level of care for Sickle Cell patients were inadequate. Marc
Thomas became that liaison and championed for this underrepresented
population even with congestive heart failure, pulmonary hypertension,
emphysema and being required to wear oxygen 24 hours per day.  He was
appointed to the United States Department of Health and Human Services
Advisory Board in our Nation’s capital. Marc committed his life to serving God,
his family, and others.  His beautiful personality, pleasant demeanor, and love
for all captured every heart he met.

In recognition and appreciation of his distinguished service, the City of Austin
and the State of Texas honored him with a resolution and declared May 17th
Marc Thomas Day. This is only a small glimpse of what this great man has
accomplished throughout his life for his family, church, businesses, and
community.  All of his achievements and endeavors are too numerous to
possibly list. Marc committed his life to serving God, his family, and the
betterment of all mankind.

Though he accomplished a great deal, and truly maximized life, his greatest
and proudest accomplishments are his wife of his youth, his three children,
and grandson. His wife describes him as loving, devoted, Godly man and
father. A man of integrity, and a true gentleman, he embodied all that was
good. He passed away at age 46 on May 3, 2005.